Futurism in Art Sci-Fi Series

Futurism in Art Sci-Fi Series

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May the force awaken your inner strengths in this six-part series!

Find out the basics of how to sketch Star Trek inspired drawings in the Futurism in Art Sci-Fi series. What comes to mind when you watch these art tutorials are the larger-than-life cinema scenes that make the imagination run wild.

The art tutorials are created in a simplified way giving even novice artists the ability to master basic drawing techniques in no time. The series ultimately shows you how to live out your wildest dreams of becoming a Sci-Fi illustrator!

Science fiction and fantasy jump off the paper as starship fighters jet through the night sky and a dizzying display of colors transport you to the future. Get the details on what materials are needed to pull off the series, including shape-stenciled rulers that make the process go a whole lot smoother.

Use the teachings learned on ASDC to practice in real life. The more you practice, the better you become.

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